Oral Hygiene


Interdental Toothbrush

A proxy brush is an interdental (between the teeth) toothbrush that you may use to clean underneath and around your wires and braces. Use the proxy brush gently to avoid damaging your wires. The proxy brush will help you to clean your braces while maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Topical Fluoride

We recommend daily rinsing with an over-the-counter fluoride rinse. We also recommend our patients use fluoride toothpastes. If patients have further problems, we might recommend they use a prescription fluoride in place of the fluoride rinse. Phos-Flur is a sodium fluoride gel that helps prevent tooth decay while you are wearing braces by killing bacteria and replacing minerals in tooth enamel that have been exposed to harmful acids. The use of Phos-Flur does not replace daily brushing and flossing but should be done following your daily schedule at bedtime. Place a small strip of Phos-Flur on a toothbrush and apply it to your teeth for one minute and spit it out. You may not eat or drink for 30 minutes after you use Phos-Flur. It is important for the active ingredient to stay on your teeth for 30 minutes, so do not wash it away by eating or drinking.

Cleaning Your Removable Appliance

Brush your removable appliance every day as a part of your regular brushing and flossing schedule. Because food particles and plaque can accumulate on your appliance just as they do on your teeth, brushing the appliance is just as important to keep your teeth clean. Occasionally you might also soak your appliance in water and a denture cleaner. Dissolve a Polident, Efferdent or other denture-cleaning tablet in a glass of tap water at room temperature and soak your appliance once a week or as needed. This does not replace the need for thorough brushing daily of your appliance!! Your appliance will taste better, and you will prevent plaque and bacterial accumulation.