Before & After

These are not actual patients of Dr. McColm. Results may vary in individual cases.

Orthodontic treatment can truly transform smiles and people’s lives. Our staff treats mild to severe cases on a daily basis. These are some examples of orthodontic problems we can correct.

Case 1

In this patient’s case, the “eye” teeth are up higher than normal and the upper jaw has crowding.

Case 2

This patient’s upper jaw has spacing and front teeth overlap severely.

Case 3

This patient’s front teeth do not touch normally, forming an openbite.

Case 4

In this case, there is a spacing problem in the upper jaw.

Case 5

The patient’s upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth, forming an overbite.

Case 6

In this case, the upper teeth are inside the lower teeth, which is also known as an underbite.